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Previously we were posting out 64GB usb flash drives that contained the full video archive, as... more
Product information "128GB USB Stick full archive digital download"

Previously we were posting out 64GB usb flash drives that contained the full video archive, as well as all other materials we have. All except the ebooks.

That is all videos, all podcasts and all the latest powerpoint based teaching videos we've made.

Now you can get all this material from our google drive shared folder without having to wait for the postal service.

This is exceptional value. Previously we were asking $90 for this, but only on campbellteaching we've made this available in digital download format for covering costs of only $46 (£35).

We shall send you the link to the google drive share next working day after your purchase, and you'll have access indefinetley.

You must have a google account to have access to the files, if your google account isn't the same account that you made the order under, please email orders@campbellteaching.co.uk and let us know, as we add the access to the files manually.

This resource contains all of the current cambellteaching videos available on Youtube with additional material not considered suitable for internet broadcasting. In addition there are 140 podcasts so you can learn on the move. Talking Power Points are normal PP lessons, but when you click on the loudspeaker in the slide I give you the commentary on the slide. The advantage of all of these formats is that you can use them as they are, or you can edit them for your own teaching or learning requirments. The site also contains stills photographs and assessment materials.

As always, any profits from sales go to the campbellteaching project which has always aimed at promoting educational oppertunities and materials to poorer areas around the world. We're only allowing this to be used for personal use, if you'd like a licence for institutional use then email us and we can provide that at extra cost.

Below is a folder structure, each of these folders having valuable content you can learn from,

├───Anatomy pictures

│   ├───Body

│   ├───Cardiovascular

│   ├───Dental

│   ├───Eyes

│   ├───GI

│   ├───Head

│   ├───Liver

│   ├───MSK

│   ├───Nervous system

│   ├───Obstetrics

│   ├───Pancreas and spleen

│   ├───Pharynx

│   ├───Renal

│   ├───Reproductive

│   ├───Respiratory

│   ├───Skin

│   ├───Skull

│   │   └───Neonatal

│   ├───Spine

│   └───Thyroid

├───Educational podcasts

│   ├───Blood A and P

│   ├───Blood diseases

│   ├───Body fluids

│   ├───Burns

│   ├───Cancer

│   ├───Cardiovascualr A and P

│   ├───Cardiovascular diseases

│   ├───CVA

│   ├───Diabetes

│   ├───Diseases, Introductions and terminology

│   ├───Endocrine A and P

│   ├───Heart disease

│   ├───Homeostasis

│   ├───Hypoxia

│   ├───Immunity

│   ├───Immunosupression

│   ├───Inflammation

│   ├───Ischaemic heart disease

│   ├───Nervous system A and P

│   ├───Neurological Diseases

│   ├───Pain

│   ├───Pharmacology

│   ├───Priorities in care

│   ├───Renal and Urinary System A and P

│   ├───Respiration A and P

│   ├───Respiratory diseases and COPD

│   ├───Shock

│   └───Skin A and P

├───Lesson Vidoes

│   ├───Airways

│   ├───Assessments and observations

│   ├───Blood and blood groups

│   ├───Blood pressure and hypertension

│   ├───Body Fluids

│   ├───Bony injuries

│   ├───Cancer

│   ├───Cardiovascular A and P

│   ├───Cardiovascular Capillaries

│   ├───Cardiovascular Disease

│   ├───Diabetes

│   │   ├───Part 1

│   │   └───Part 2

│   ├───Disease, causes and terminology

│   ├───Endocrine A and P

│   ├───Eyes and neural pathways

│   ├───Gastrointestinal A and P

│   ├───Genetics

│   ├───Haemorrhage

│   ├───Head Injuries

│   ├───Heart Disease

│   ├───Homeostasis

│   ├───Hypoxia

│   ├───Immobility, Complications

│   ├───Immunity

│   ├───Infectious disease

│   ├───Inflammation

│   ├───Jaundice

│   ├───Kidney A and P

│   ├───Kidney Disease

│   ├───Leg Ulcers

│   ├───Liver A and P

│   ├───Lymphatic System

│   │   └───Lymphoedema

│   ├───MSK

│   ├───Nervous System A and P

│   │   └───Brain

│   ├───Pain

│   ├───Peripheral vascualar disease

│   │   └───Old videos

│   ├───Pharmacology

│   │   └───Older programmes

│   ├───Pressuer sores

│   ├───Reproductive A and P

│   ├───Research

│   ├───Respiratory A and P

│   ├───Respiratory disorders

│   ├───Safe practice

│   ├───Sepsis

│   ├───Shock

│   ├───Skin

│   ├───Teaching Skills

│   ├───Thermoregulation

│   ├───Trauma

│   └───Wound healing

└───Talking power points





    ├───Endocrine system

    ├───Gartrointestinal A and P

    ├───Health issues




    ├───Medical terminology

    ├───Nervous System A and P



    ├───Reproductive Systems A and P


    │   └───Head Injuries


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