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  • Thanks

    In an increasingly political world it is heartening to get info with no agenda other than for the common good.Thank you.

  • Vit D

    Here is a link to the NY Post... sharing info on vitamin D. Sadly, the rest of the world is 6 weeks behind you.
    I appreciate all of your work Dr, Campbell. Thank you from New York City.

  • territorial surveillance

    PANDEMIA ... the grip of segregation is loosening with a high risk of rebound.
    I’m tossing an idea to achieve easy and effective surveillance of the territory, allowing to monitor and prevent spread or rebound.
    Cellular telephony is made up of cells that are automatically docking or hooking mobile phones, identified by their respective number, allowing fair position tracking precision.
    The ID of each positive subject (tested) is known as well as the relevant telephone number.
    With the collaboration of network providers (MOVISTAR, TIM, VODAFONE, ORANGE etc.) it is sufficient to set up an automated alerting system for territorial sets (neighborhoods, wards, municipalities, provinces , regions) of cells where in presence of a cluster of positives that can be stratified by cells or by sets of cells and triggered by a preset amount of present positives. The intervention triggered signal to the governing authority is an efficient sentinel.
    Whenever a given number of "positives" gathers to form a numerically dangerous cluster close to a cell or set of cells, will cause to trigger automatically a prompt.
    The summation of viral charges by positive clusters of individuals has a higher contaminating potential than singles and it’s a serious indication of a surging hotbed.
    To explain better this concept:
    The symbol O expresses the cells within a set, the symbol + the positive labelled individual docked to the cell.
    The O cell is triggered to red, when the cluster of "+" subjects exceeds the number of a preset threshold (eg: contextual presence of 6” + “connected to the same cell) hence prompting intervention.
    Green O cells indicate a quiet area (no "+" docked to the cell)
    Yellow O cell indicate a cluster close to the limits triggering a warning signal.
    Advantages: no App to download and territorial surveillance automatic (quantity of “+” per area, per set per node).
    If desired all components of the clusters are individually identifiable by phone number. The only way out would be to abandon the phone or switch it off.

  • Thank you

    Excellent, easy to understand even without education in health sciences. Thank you for your information and work to keep us well informed.

  • A new study by JAMA

    Dear Dr. Campbell
    You will be interested to know that JAMA has found a group of ARDS patients who do not need to be intubated. They are using the term L-ARDS.

  • Vagus Nerve inflammation response

    First of all I would like to thank you for the hard work and effort you are putting in to sharing information on Covid 19.

    I was just wondering if there was a video on the role of the vagus nerve within your YouTube/Teaching videos? I’ve read that the vagus nerve has a major role with inflammatory response and that stimulation can reduce the levels of inflammatory cytokines? I do not have a medical background but your videos have created a thirst for knowledge. Thank you for your time

  • Thank you!

    These are wonderful and thank you for allowing us to download them. So informative and educational - and much needed!

  • Vitamin D

    A query. Being an Australian we spent our youth in the sun (1960's to 1980's) No hats or sunblock. Now paying the price for this with a few Basal C C. So I spend my summer in the shade, wearing a hat with sunblock. My basic question is how much sun can I get without all the precautions. Where I live we do have sunny winter days so if I can get an expert opinion how long to day in the sun without sunblock as opposed to summer.

  • So very grateful!

    I've been harping on my friends & fellow bus drivers regarding VitD ever since I found Dr John Campbell in February! Now I've got the graphic to share in our break room.

    Thanks, for saving lives!

  • Confidence-inspiring

    I was encouraged by a friend to look up JoAnn Manson on YouTube. I did so, and then also noticed "Quite Compelling Evidence" in the list of videos on offer. Every now and then, I watch and listen to another person and feel immediate confidence that this person has got it right. On the occasions I have experienced this during my 65 years in the world, such confidence has rarely if ever been mistaken. I shall be acting immediately on your advice regarding Vitamin D, both through supplements and by getting more sunlight (I live in Austria, where there is plenty of that). I shall also be sharing your video among all my friends and family. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to make it, and for doing so with a delightful measure of humour and humility. I am a Brit by the way, and perfectly happy with your pronunciation of "vitamin" :-).

  • Excellent infographics!

    My apologies... the comment I just submitted was supposed to include thanks for the crystal-clear infographics relating to Vitamin D and Covid-19!

  • Covid therapeutics

    I am writing to you from Switzerland. I teach Medical English and so I devour Scientific and Medical literature. I just read an article about Dr. Robert Escher from Emmental Hospital in Switzerland, who gave his patient a high dose of anticoagulants after entering the ICU. Do you know anymore about this therapeutic approach?
    Watching your videos regularly. Thank you again for all your efforts.

  • Thank you

    Thank you for always giving us unbiased information that we trust! The world is in high-need of more people like you! Your smart, you genuinely care, and your funny, just what a YouTuber needs to be!

  • Recommended and sent your infographics to self-isolating mum and dad in their 70s

    Good stuff, John. Enjoy your reassuring adherence to the scientific method in coming to terms with the consequences of this new virus.

  • So helpful with being alone and taking care a physical disable and respirator vent dependent adult.

    You are like our doctor and angel you have giving me hope in this very scary time. My daughter has being on a ventilator since age 12 or 13. Before that age she used a CPAP connected to her trach tube since age three. Our life has been center on her ventilator usage and shortness of breath issues. She has severe trachea stenosis and other pulmonary difficulties. I myself rarely go out before the Covid-19 because of her care. The only time my daughter ever leaves her bedroom is for a doctor appointment. Her Vitamin D level was round about 15 plus or minus two years ago I never new how important Vitamin D is for the body. I am so afraid for her and myself because we are black we have been taking 2000 IU for the last three week, with magnesium and K4. I think I should give her 1000 IU next month because she only weight 100 pound. It seems like she can stand up a little better without major stress on her leg muscle. Thank You so much.

  • Vitamin D in primary care

    Thank you Dr Campbell for all your hard work and dedication to keep us informed on the best evidence that is out there regarding this dreadful pandemic. I am going to use this information during our weekly COVID-19 meetings at the GP surgery where I work, to inform our group of nurses and GPs on the importance of vitamin D in reducing the mortality risk of people infected with this terrible virus.
    Please keep the information coming, our surgery is waiting for it.

  • Campbell's Pathophysiology Notes

    As a follow-up to my A&P Certificate and my general interest in how the human body works, I bought this book through Dr Campbell's Amazon UK storefront at the start of the UK lockdown. It proved a very good read and I would highly recommend it.
    Thanks to my following Dr Campbell's Youtube channel since January, I was able to advise my family and immediate neighbours of what was about to unfold so they could make preparations, including stocking up on Vitamin D supplements.

  • Masks

    To ease our health care workers task. Please all wear a Mask.

  • Corvid19 Videos

    I have been following the videos on Corvid19. Totally awesome!
    This helps me feel more informed.
    Thank You

  • Strategies-against-Covid-19.png

    The link to 'Strategies-against-Covid-19.png' refers to a PNG with a different file name.


    Also at the acetaminophen graphic appears twice; one of the two refers to Strategies-against-Covid-19.png

  • Latest UK government advice on vit D

    Sadly, very disappointing update on Vitamin D