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  • Just a special thanks

    We, the human race, appreciate all you’re doing to educate and calm all of us during the COVID19 crisis.

    Thank you for posting this check sheet., as I went looking for it as soon as your video was over.

    Stay safe and healthy, Sir.

  • covid-19 Ro

    Website showing U.S. up-to-date values for Rt [effective reproduction]

  • Thanks for all your time and hard work

    Thanks for providing the sheet. I think I may have had covid-19 around a month ago (very similar symptoms), and this started with a burning sensation, followed by dry mouth/throat with cough and then cough/temperature. I was supposed to have been tested by PHE but they changed the testing criteria whilst I was waiting to be contacted, so obviously this never happened and I have no confirmation. After just over three weeks I thought I had recovered fully. Now fast forward to this week and the burning sensation, dry/sore throat is back with a mild cough. I'm definitely going to print this out and log any symptoms I have. Without any testing though, we just don't know what we have or whether we've already had it or not, and if we are becoming symptomatic again or just have something else.

  • covid 19 record sheets

    Hi John
    thanks for posting the record keeping sheets for Covid 19. I work in a care home and this kind of record keeping might be useful for us.
    Stay safe

  • Seattle WA, US

    Thank for these Patient Record sheets. I have printed them out for my family. We are all "Staying at Home" going on 4 weeks now. Our county, King County, had only 7 deaths yesterday. Washington State had the first infected case from Wuhan China on January 21s. We are fortunate to have the Gates Foundation here in Seattle who has been doing a two year Seattleflu study. The University of WA created their own COVID-19 test and have been doing most of the testing for the state.

  • A

    Thank you so much for sharing these record sheets. I'm a fellow Nurse and an English teacher in Uruguay South America. In 2003 I was in Africa as UN peace keeper and I saw first hand what Ebola could do. Keep on your great work Sir. ?I must say I watch your videos and Gov. Cuomo from NY every single day. Two very sensible men you both are. Thanks again. Stay safe and healthy please ??

  • Thank you for your help and advice

    Thank you for all you are doing it is very appreciated,,I am one of the shielding group with chronic asthma and also on immune suppression for uveitis and macular disease (autoimmune disease) so am very scared at the moment. This form gives me a tool that puts me more in control. I would add another box to my sheet which would be my peak flow number my best on a good day is 350 so that also gives a good indication of a problem.
    So keep safe yourself and everyone.

  • Thank you so much for your educational videos.

    I appreciate your thorough analysis of information and making it easy to understand. I’m in Oklahoma, USA. Thanks for posting this worksheet, I came here immediately to get a copy and plan on sharing it with everyone I know.

  • Grateful to you

    I and my family are very grateful to you for your informative series. We enjoyed watching as many as we can.
    I live in Dallas, Texas, USA for 39 years and was happy to see you mention Tunisia where I was born. I had conflicting info from there. Not sure what to believe regarding the number of infections and death rate.
    Keep up the excellent work and please be safe.

  • Web app version?

    I'm thinking of making this into a webapp, whereby a daily form is completed and the report will be generated for viewing either on the app itself or as a pdf to be printed/emailed. I see a few benefits from this; a) usable by somebody without a printer. b) another family member can fill it in remotely c) the data could help researchers..

    What do you think? is this overkill? If we think this will make a difference I will get to work ASAP.

  • Web app version?

    I'm thinking of making this into a webapp, whereby a daily form is completed and the report will be generated for viewing either on the app itself or as a pdf to be printed/emailed. I see a few benefits from this; a) usable by somebody without a printer. b) another family member can fill it in remotely c) the data could help researchers..

    What do you think? is this overkill? If we think this will make a difference I will get to work ASAP.

  • O2 Easy Measuring


    Just a hint that may help.
    I notice that modern smartphones have sensors that can measure the O2 Saturation. I have been using Samsung Healt for over than 14 months in a S9 Samsung model.This App gives everyone the chance to monitoring several data very easy, inclunding O2, Food Recording Blod Pressure Recording ( not measure), Water drink, Coffe and Tea cups and so on.With some pacience I have a easy way to verify my healt basic health data.
    May be something that could help.

  • *****

    Your insights and information are invaluable. this form an RN and a neurobehavioral sciences prof. Could you respond to these questions: What role does th viral load play, generally and in COVID-19? I remember that in AIDS, the amount of virus one was exposed to was a big factor in the severity/pace of the disease. Also I heard a radio program (NPR, I think) with a scientist who was discussing vaccines, she said the immune response to a vaccine would be stronger than the response to a virus. Had something to do with the vaccinator being based in adenovirus vs. coronavirus, and that the immune response in the illness was not robust. So assuming that to be accurate, all should be vaccinated when the mite comes, and not skip those the "had" it. Thanks very much for keeping us sane.

  • Excellent


  • predictions from data

    We really, truly appreciate all your info on this pandemic. After watching your latest updates (20 April 2020), I was speculating on how we could make better predictions of the asymptomatic numbers of people based on the measured data from some of the "control" groups (T. Roosevelt, italian town, etc.). You have solid data on the number of infected individuals, the number of hospitalized individuals and on the number of asymptomatic individuals. If you were to treat the hospitalized cases as the only positive cases (as seems to be the case for testing in the general public. As it is difficult to be tested unless you present at a hospital with significant symptoms). So for the T. Roosevelt data you would "know" of the 8 hospitalized people plus maybe another 5 or 10 from casual contact tracing. If you assume it is 10 contact tracing positive tests, then one could "predict" the number of asymptomatic individuals by dividing the known number of positive individuals (600) by (8+10). For a multiplier of about 33. I realize this is VERY non scientific, but maybe this type of guesswork could be used to try and estimate the total infected population.

  • Improving the document

    Dear Dr. John,
    this is a useful tool, I suggest adding a QRCode so people who get a paper copy can know where to dowload it from, you can get it translated to all languages with help
    from sites like or You can even post it on Github/Gitlab so helpers could leave translated copies. I can myself help translate it in other 3 languages if needed.
    Best regards


  • Report from Malaysia

    In Kl, we have the MCO (movement control order) and the EMCO(enhanced MCO). The first one is the normal lockdown you see in most countries. The second is when they discover a big number of cases in one building or one street. Then. They will close the whole building or area. No one will be allowed to go out or in. The police and the army surrounds the area to make sure this is followed strictly. Then they will test every single person and isolate the infected ones. In one of those EMCO clusters, they tested 13,227 ppl. 796 were infected. 5 people died. I thought this might be of interest to you. This is the link to follow:

  • Improvement Suggestion

    Thank you for all you do! Thank you for this thoughtful form. I do have some thoughts on how to improve this, I'd think you'd want multiple entries for some things like temperature and O2.

  • Electronic format possible?


    You are, without doubt, the leading source of fact-based information for many people. Those of us who have found your Youtube channel are privileged to receive accurate and timely information straight from a professional, before it is "washed" by either politicians or the mainstream media.

    One suggestion: Could you consider releasing your Patient Record Sheets in Word or Excel format? Many people don't have a printer at home, and this would enable them to record this valuable information directly in to their computers/tablets.

    Thanks again for your efforts. You have done so much, for so many.

  • Excellent


  • Thank you!!

    Sir, I’d like to thank you for what you’ve done! I’ve followed you on you tube since January. And because of this I was well prepared and ready for the virus. I live in New Jersey and as you know we are in the thick of it now. I would like to offer you a pint at you’re favorite pub when this is all over and shake your hand. Or I’d like to pay to fly you here and take you out! You should be knighted for what you’ve done for the world not just me personally. A big thank you sir! The world loves you!

  • Can you please check this out?

    Dear Dr. Campbell
    Many thanks for the public service you do. I was sent this about the Israeli company testing a vaccine as a compassionate measure. I would appreciate some concrete factual information on this. Many thanks once more.
    Take care and best wishes

  • Recommend your podcast to all Canadians ... but I have a question

    Love your style and straight up presentation. Have you looked at total death rates year over year for the months of January, February, March and April? I am curious to compare ... the average total number of death, specifically illness, hospitalization, suicide etc. (but also generally noting fewer vehicle collisions, plane crashes) in various regions compared to this year.

  • concerned about nhs casualty rate

    Thanks for all the hours you must be spending to helpus to understand so much more about this virus. There is one worry that I have and that is the number of NHS staff becoming casualties. I am wondering whether there is a problem with the change procedures used when leaving a red zone .

  • covid-19

    Thank you for coming in to our house to educate and inform us. You are deeply appreciated! One of my adult children who are here with us to stay in quarantine walked by the TV and said "so, I guess HE is part of our family now".... Of course, my response was...and will continue to be..."Yes Ma'am...He is!" Thank you for that!
    We love you!

  • Different rates of infection

    Hi. I value your videos and updates. In respect to the Stanford study and the dutch ? study where Stanford in Santa Clara county in Californis had a higher antibody count. Are you considering the different time lines of infections in different geographical locations? Why should they be the same if curve on different time line? Keep up the good work. Thank you Nancy

  • Excellent


  • You are a Beacon of Enlightenment for Nurses-Thank You So Much

    I am an RN and Director of Education for a 10,000 member union in Los Angeles Area of California. This is a great resource. We just lost a nurse to COVID19 at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital and it was 100% preventable. Healthcare in America is like working in Coal Mines. We must unite for each other and support knowledge and action. I would love to host you online in a presentation to our members.

  • Thanks and question

    Thanks for the very instructive daily presentations! Today you questioned the info from Stanford University regarding a community that may have had a higher rate of infection than previously thought, after more random testing. In a prior discussion didn't you mention a study of a community in Germany that had similar results?

  • Use of Ventolin in Covid-19 and 'elective inoculation'

    Thanks heaps from Australia for your useful video updates. My wife and I believe we suffered and recovered from a Covid-19 infection last December (we were quite sick), but until an antibody test is available here, it cannot be confirmed. Anyway I have a couple of ideas, which may be stupid. Firstly I have a history of asthma, although it has been well-controlled for most of my life (aged 63). When we started having respiratory symptoms last December we took a couple of puffs of Salbutamol before going to bed. This really helped us to have a few hours good sleep at night, which seemed to facilitate greatly our recovery. I am just wondering whether Salbutamol is part of anyone's early treatment protocol for Covid-19. Of course once the virus has established itself in the lungs, this medication would not be much use. The second question is, would be a good idea to offer elective inoculation with Covid-19 to young generally healthy people (say 20-40 years old) who could isolate themselves for a few weeks before becoming economically active again. This would allow them to gain natural immunity without the risk of infecting others before experiencing symptoms; they would be expected to isolate themselves immediately upon inoculation. Such controlled inoculation could subsequently reduce the risk of infection of people with high risk of complications. All the best

  • Excellent

    My child is medically dependent and has always had a very fragile immune system. I've always relied on this system to track his health (along with his not so typical tell tale signs of illness). I'm so relieved to see this resource available. Sending a global hug to you all and air kisses to Dr. Campbell.

  • Could COVID-19 be acquired as a foodborne illness?

    I know COVID-19 is essentially an airborne infection. Seeing so many food processing plants closing in the US due to positive workers:
    How would you qualify the probability of transmission through the meat products to consumers?
    Thank you for your time - and for your notable educational activity.

  • Skin rash

    Thank you for everything you have tought us of Covid-19. I have enjoyed very much your videos and have been watching them every day almost from the beginning of coronavirus pandemic. Also I have been searching more knowledge of the disease from several sourcies.

    The new symptom has been the skin rash believed to be associated with 20% of the Covid cases. I would be very interested to know can a just plain skin rash be the sole symptom of the coronavirus infection and how long the skin rash can last? I wish you could enlighten us on this subject on some of your videos, if possible. Thank you.

  • Admiration for You

    I know you put much time, effort, and affection into all of the information you are sharing. I appreciate much of your information and videos. I graduated from Nursing School 34 years ago. You have shown me how much I remember from all of that schooling, and I appreciate those things I needed a bit of a nudge to remember. So very glad I found you online.


    Dear Dr. Campbell,

    Thavery here from Orange County, California, USA. I watch you everyday on YouTube. Thank you so very much for keeping us informed.

    Over and over again you mention that people who are obese or overweight do worse in surviving covid-19. Everyone should know that, according to Dr. Jason Fung, a kidney doctor in Toronto, Canada, (he is on YouTube) obesity and the resulting type 2 diabetes, is a disease of hormones and if your doctor is giving you insulin to treat the high sugar, you are making your body more toxic. His patients, the ones who do not have kidney damage yet, are able to get off the insulin with eating low carbohydrates (cutting out the sugar and other carbs) and eating just a few times a day with no snacking in between, only water and plain tea/coffee between meals. He even ask people to fast for 16 hours or more to give the body a chance to burn up your own body fat so that you will lose the weight. During the time that you eat, you must eat until you are full, and he suggests that you eat full fat meat, butter, and eggs and plant fats such as those in avocados and nuts (macadamia, walnuts). Fat do not raise insulin in your body and keeps you more satisfied.

    PLEASE tell your viewers about Jason Fung, MD. Or you can interview him one of these days because a lot of people watching you will benefit from what he is doing.

    Everyone here have been social distancing but there are pressures, with protests and all, to stop the lock down. One of my neighbor has an 84 year old mother and he wants so much for the lock down to end that he wrote it in big letters on his car window and the car is parked on the street for all to see. The US should have a better safety net for people who cannot earn money and our care is consisted of different health insurance companies which you may or may not be covered when you go to a doctor. Everyone is up in arms about not having money to pay for a national healthcare, but everyone/the government let Amazon do their business and pay not a nickle in taxes because of loopholes. Even Bill Gates was saying that we are not prepared for a pandemic 2 years ago but with all the money and smartness that he has or have available to him, he did nothing.

    And those Americans who voted for the current President needs to look deep in their soul and understand that this is the President who suggests people drink disinfectant to kill the virus. He was caught on tape saying that he touched women in their private parts without their consent and he is still get elected. He bankrupted people who did work/business for him by not paying them and he is still get elected. All the American colleges and universities should allow everybody, especially those from the Midwest states, to attend because ignorance and the subsequent hatred will kill us all.

    Thanks again.

  • Thanks for save my life

    I dont know how, but I know that every dr who save 1 life need to know. Its my life.
    Why? When? How?
    Im live in Sweden, Stockholm. Im 99% sure that 18feb at the ADHD center already had Covid. And I spreed to people so fast that people alroud me was sik 20feb before Sweden know we had Covid.
    But I was only small sick long time.
    I dont remeber the day. Same day you your Youtube speak about NSAID larm, I stopp take them. 31 hour leater, my body respond, on Covid.
    I112 call . I know hospitaliserad can be youre dead.
    When I explain in ADHD speed with my Aspergers after 45min , the nurse explain when she understand me.
    My body had start fight now in right way, whitout NSAID.
    So It was hard fight at first days.
    2nd time Youre save my life.
    Some weeks ago D-vitamin youtube larm from you was so easy to understand , and i red the studie. Boost my D-vitamin after studie advice.
    And it change come after 5,6 days.
    All time i had 1 issue. When I was in some apotek or foodstore , my body was react on bad air. I was some kind re-infection agin every time.
    But the D-vitamin advice change It.
    And today 5maj youre talk about this study 780 people and 10 more times youtube..... and now I know its truth.
    Its not in my head. Sometimes things can be imagen.
    So I know now that youre Youtube work save my life.
    And im 48 singel in 32m¤.
    Life is so hard, but Im so happy Im alive.
    And I know youre work can save me agine. We dont know what Covid do in long time. So if you some day feel thats youre covid youtube work have now meening...
    Remember that people mybee never thanks for youre save there life. But you save life every day, whitout knowing that.
    So thank you my covid dr. John Campbell.

    + Private Text+
    Sorry for my bad english. I have dyselxi to. But I Understand everthing, and I re-check all youre talk. This days its about life if you re-check in lots of diffrent way.
    My ADHD dr save my life 2 years ago from others bad neurologist doctors ... I start to read, that doctors read, if they read...
    So good dr need to know.. and im so happy if you read this mail.
    Thank you.
    I can explain more becose I have Aspergers .
    Peter and 1 more life is save.

  • Comparison

    Newcastle disease. Replace the word chicken with human, and you would think they were describing covid 19. Just a thought.

  • Coronavirus Thailand low mortality rate - spicy hot peppers diet

    you were trying to come up with a reason for low mortality rate for corona virus in Thailand, Their diet is very Hot Spicy Food, and high sunlight vitamin D from the sun.

  • MISLEADING banner headline, West Australian newspaper

    Dr. John, in your teaching email box there's one from me sent 20 minutes ago. Please read, urgently. Sole Perth daily paper asserts in seriously large font 2 inches or 5 cms tall that VIRUS IS OVER if you want it

    An image of this is sent as attachment.

    from isobel, DOWN UNDER

  • SARS CoV-2 and ventilation (or lack of) relates to rates of infection

    The hypothesis that virus particle dose and duration determines the probability of infection makes sense to me. This article supports your ideas that ventilation (or lack there of) lowers (or raisies) the risk of infection.
    This article lacks reference links so I subtracted a point in my rating.

  • Thank You

    On behalf of many many people across the world that have been watching your videos in this current Covid-19 Pandemic, A big thank you goes out to you John for educating many of us, and of course no doubt save lifes in the process. you are a prime example of why we appreciate even more so now and clap for the NHS.

  • Thanks from Australia

    Thank you so much John, for the massive effort you have put into researching, recording, and documenting all this information. My husband (senior nurse) and I have gotten a great deal from it all. Your enthusiasm, manner, and presentation make it so much easier to understand (the markings of a great teacher).
    We are directing others to your youtube clips, in the hopes they too will find your information as informative and reassuring as we are. God bless, from Australia.

  • Is a spreadsheet available that includes the amazon tempeh culture

    Hello Dr. Campbell,

    I daily look forward to your videos and their information, as it is very very helpful.

    I'm hoping you can supply a spreadsheet depicting the various fields in the COVID19 IN-HOME PATIENT RECORD SHEET. If there is one, may I suggest you place it on your website. I prefer filling out a spreadsheet that can be frequently backed up on a thumb drive, or other storage device.

    It would be wonderful to have COVID19 IN-HOME PATIENT RECORD SHEET available in both text and spreadsheet formats. If it is available as a spreadsheet, please forward it, or make it available on your website.

    Be blessed my friend, please continue your tremendous and vital efforts.

    Jim Darlack
    Tucson, Arizona, USA.


    First, I would like to say thank you for your updates and the sensible information you have provided which have helped me navigate this difficult illness at home. I was hoping to download the COVID19 IN-HOME PATIENT RECORD SHEET in case friends and family get this. (It was not out yet when I became ill). I can get a downloadable version for all the languages except the English version (2 pages). When I click on them, I just get a small photo that pops up.