Physiology Notes

Physiology Notes
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Get a sample page by clicking on the available downloads below. This is the paperback format... more
Product information "Physiology Notes"

Get a sample page by clicking on the available downloads below.

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John Campbell is a lecturer and writer who has international clinical and teaching experience. He currently teaches at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle in the north of England.

An understanding of normal and abnormal body function is necessary if we are to understand the basis of clinical care. It is only when we understand normal physiology that the abnormal pathological situation makes any sense. Therefore a study of physiology is a necessary introduction to any student of the health care professions. If we can understand how the body functions in health and goes wrong in disease, we can readily apply this knowledge to the maintenance of health and the management of disease. Subjects are systematically taught in the text complemented by clear, explanatory diagrams.. Also, if you are interested in aiding distribution to your fellow students, we're eager to get in touch with you.
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Chapter 1 Cells and Tissues

Chapter 2 Cardiovascular System

Chapter 3 Lymphatic System

Chapter 4 Blood

Chapter 5 Respiratory System

Chapter 6 Nervous System

Chapter 7 Endocrine System

Chapter 8 Digestive System

Chapter 9 Liver

Chapter 10 Renal and Urinary Systems

Chapter 11 Skin

Chapter 12 Thermoregulation

Chapter 13Musculoskeletal System

Chapter 14 Male Reproductive System 

Chapter 15 Female Reproductive System

Chapter 16 Eyes

Chapter 17 Ears

Chapter 18 Inflammation and Immunity

Chapter 19 Genetics

Chapter 20 Nutrition

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