About us

Physiology is vital to give us an understanding of the normal functioning of the

body. This knowledge can help us to maintain health in the people we live and

work with. Sometimes however, as a result of trauma, disease or degeneration,

the body fails to function normally. This means that, by definition, the function

has become abnormal. Abnormal body function is termed pathophysiology.

An understanding of normal and abnormal body function is necessary if we are

to understand what treatments are indicated in a particular situation. This

means physiology, pathophysiology and patient management all interlink.

Theory will then inform, and provide rationales for interventions. The focus of

this resource is abnormal function, but this must be considered in the context of

physiology and clinical practice. If we understand this linking and

interdependence, we can use our knowledge of theory and practice to directly

benefit patient care.