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DVD1 1. Cardiovascular A + P, heart physiology, blood vessels, arterial disease, microcirculation, lymphatics.DVD48
48. Wound healing, Types of wounds and methods of healing, healing physiology and clinical cases.
DVD2 2. Shock, the causes and treatment of shockDVD47
47. 80 Assorted podcasts and 23 video clips for teaching.
DVD3 3. Inflammation, causes, physiological changes, specific conditions, local and systemic responses.DVD46
46. Diabetes mellitus, Disk 2, Background physiology, pathophysiology, aetiology, clinical features and management principles.
DVD4 4. Immunity, Innate and specific defence against local and systemic infection.DVD45
45. Diabetes mellitus, Disk 1, Background physiology, pathophysiology, aetiology, clinical features and management principles.
DVD5 5. Skin, anatomy and physiology of the epidermis, dermis and dermatomes.DVD44
44. Haemorrhage, in disease and trauma, causes pathophysiology and management.
DVD6 6. Respiratory A + P, anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system.DVD43
43. Lymphatic system and lymphoedema, Disk 2. Clinical cases and management.
DVD7 7. Nutrition, essential dietary components, Metabolism, malnutrition, utilisation of foods in the body for energy production. The effects of malnutrition illustrated in cases from India.DVD42
42. Lymphatic system and lymphoedema, A and P of lymphatic system. Oedema. Lymphoedema.
DVD8 8. Bereavement, (Dennis Donald) how to help people who have been bereaved, contains plenty of practical advice.DVD41
41. Bony X Rays, discussion of various fractures using X rays.
DVD9 9. Nervous system A + P, neurones, reflex arc, synapses, gross anatomy, protection of CNS, autonomic NSDVD40
40. Hypoxia, Disk ii. Types of hypoxia. Assessment and clinical features. Management principles.
10. Pain, pathways, acute and chronic, causes, features, assessment, endogenous inhibition, gate control and management principles.
11. Endocrine System, endocrine glands with an introduction to endocrine disorders, examples of clinical cases.
12. Gastrointestinal A + P, anatomy and physiology of the digestive system.
13. Ischaemic heart disease, coronary heart disease followed by a review of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
DVD14 14. Genetics, monohybrid autosomal and sex linked inheritance with worked clinical examples.DVD38
38. Head Injuries. a discussion of the pathophysiology, clinical presentations and management of head injuries.
DVD15 15. Cell biology, cell structure and function. Diffusion and osmosis, processes of diffusion and osmosis with physiological examples.DVD37
37. Brain A and P. Introduction to brain and skull. Areas of the brain. Brain tissues and organisation. Lobes and areas of the brain. Meninges. Nerve pathways.
DVD16 16. Urinary System, anatomy and physiology. Acute renal failure, nature and management of acute renal failure.DVD36
36. Peripheral vascular disease, Peripheral arterial and venous disease. Introductory anatomy and physiology. Angeography. Aetiology. Clinical features. Treatments. Acute limb ischaemia. Normal venous return. Chronic venous hypertension. Pathology of CVH. Clinical features. Aetiology and treatment of CVH.
DVD17 17. Clinical procedures, male catheterisation. DVD35
35. Blood pressure, Introduction 14 mins 15. Factors determining normal BP 7 mins. Homeostatic control of BP 33 mins 38. Normal wave form 1 min 53. Recording BP 30 mins 51. Hypertension, 1 hour 13 mins 46.
DVD18 18. Trauma, Priorities in care. Chest injuries.DVD34
34. Research, Research and the Nursing process (10 mins 10 secs). A process of Research (16 mins 50 secs). Reliability, Validity and Bias (4 mins 25 secs). Clinical Trials (20 mins 40 secs).
DVD19 19. Thermoregulation, Introduction, heat gain, physics of heat, body temperature, temperature detection, thermoregulation. Hypothermia, Definition, causes, assessment, clinical features, management, complications, health promotion, induced, health and the weather.DVD33
33. Pharmacology, i. a review of basic applied pharmacology. ii injections.
DVD20 20. Blood, composition and functions. Anaemia. DVD32
32. Fluid and electrolyte balance, normal physiology and some abnormal states. Infections of the gastrointestinal tract.
DVD21 21. Cancer, nature of the disease and its possible causes followed by nursing management.DVD31
31. ECG Rhythms and life support, i. review of normal and abnormal ECG rhythms, (sinus, arrest causing, atrial arrhythmia's and heart blocks). ii. review of Basic Life Support procedures. iii. review of advanced life support, cardiac and respiratory.
DVD22 22. Respiratory disorders, asphyxia. Asthma. Smoking.DVD30
30. Pre and post operative care, systematic review of nursing care.
DVD23 23. Basic human biology, gross anatomy, tissues, skeletal system.DVD29
29. Bony injuries, fractures and complications, management principles.
DVD24 24. Respiratory system infections, broncho and lobar pneumonia. Alcohol drinking.DVD28
28. Pressure sores, causes and prevention.
25. Bronchitis and emphysema, acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Oxygen therapy.
26. Jaundice, normal and altered physiology, principles of management and nursing care. Writing for publication/CV writing, i. a review of advice on writing articles. ii. How to prepare a CV.
27. Complications of immobility, complications, prevention, early recognition and treatment.
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