Campbell's Pathophysiology Notes available here!

Campbell's Pathophysiology Notes

Campbell's Physiology Notes

Physiology Notes

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Why don't you buy a book and at the same time know that you're giving a book? It's kind of two for the price of one, but you only get one of course. Each book you buy will enable us to send at least one other book to students in a less economically developed country elsewhere in the world. So you both get understanding of disease processes, causes, and clinical features. Read Campbell's Pathophysiology Notes. Buying link and free chapter available.

I have acquired a strong youtube following from the wide array of teaching videos that I have made available through youtube. It is my hope that these will be helpful to anyone wishing to learn. If these videos are helpful to you, then you should consider purchasing the full versions. They are available as 47 seperate feature length DVD titles though the DVD section here on for $5 or £2.50 each.

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